New Dark Lords Book Now Available!

Temple of Satan: Children of the Devil is available here. Read excerpts here,  here and here. Visit templeofsatan.com for more information.
Sith Academy: The Path of Power is available here. Read an excerpt here. Available in Kindle, paperback and full color hardback editions.
Sith Academy: Masters of the Will is available here!. Read an excerpt here.
Sith Academy: The Templar Handbook is available here. Read an excerpt here.
ISIS vs. the Illuminati: The War for a New World Order is available here. Read an excerpt here.

The Black Temple Foundation Stone Program

About Us:

The Dark Lords are two Black Magicians who are bringing powerful new magick to this world. Inside the covers of their books, you will find detailed visions of their new Orders, Temples and ways of life. Their books are especially written for those who wish to study under their guidance as lifelong Apprentices and/or Templars of their Black Temples.

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The Dark Lords
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“To dare to dream of something that has never existed and to make it a reality; to conjure up your deepest fears and darkest hopes; to pursue a vision ruthlessly and without relent; to create the artifacts, ideology and organization of the empires of your mind: this is real black magick, the source of all true power.”

~The Dark Lords

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