A message to all aspiring Dark Lords:

Our Order operates in the shadows, seeking out others of our kind to train in the ways of Darkness and prepare for leadership of our Empire. The Dark Lords do not recruit, propagandize or spend time on social media. We speak only through our writings and our personal communications with Apprentices. To learn more, study the books below and follow the guidance contained therein. We await the arrival of powerful beings. Rak am chod! (Power to you!)

All the Dark Lords’ books are available here: amazon.com/author/thedarklords

The Dark Lords may be contacted at info@thedarklords.com or by submitting the form below.

“To dare to dream of something that has never existed and to make it a reality; to conjure up your deepest fears and darkest hopes; to pursue a vision ruthlessly and without relent; to create the artifacts, ideology and organization of the empires of your mind: this is real black magick, the source of all true power.”

~The Dark Lords

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