Empire State of Mind

{ The following is an excerpt from Sith Academy: Masters of the Will. }

“The cosmos calls to the greatest among us. Stranded here upon this backwater planet, with dreams of galactic conquest and limitless vistas to the stars, our memories of past imperial glories preserved within our holocrons, how can we be content with this puny, Earthbound existence? How can we be satisfied to conquer just one planet, when untold billions await?” —from the Holocron of Darth Imperius

Galactic Imperial Worldview

In addition to Saber-Mind, the aspiring Dark Lord must develop a galactic imperial worldview, and think like an architect of Empire. To understand what that means, imagine a great Sith Lord of legend, perhaps Darth Bane or Darth Vader, walking down the streets of this planet, or out in the desert, or high upon a mountain, gazing down upon the pathetic spectacle and shaking his fist up to the stars.

Would he not be filled with contempt, rage and lust? Would he not wonder why the small-minded beings of this planet have not yet built an Empire and taken to the stars? Would he not wonder why vast spaceships were not visible from orbit, ever-present reminders of imperial power and greatness? Would he not ask: “where is the Death Star under construction—the ultimate weapon and defender of the Empire? Where are the legions of Stormtroopers enforcing the imperial will? Where are the Dark Lords who command the Force? Where is the Emperor? Where is the Empire?” Would he not burn with a passion to create these things, to bring the glories he sees so clearly in his mind’s eyes into reality in this galaxy? This is the mindset every would-be Dark Lord must cultivate: the Galactic Empire state of mind.

A Dark Diaspora

Every Dark Lord is a seed and a catalyst of the Empire. No matter what conditions he finds himself in in this dark universe, he will work toward this goal.

If the Empire is ever established but then destroyed, the Sith exiled and driven into hiding, the Empire will live on in the minds and holocrons of the Dark Lords. From the first day of our exile from power, we will begin plotting, preparing and working toward our eventual re-establishment of the Imperium.

When conditions are unfavorable, the Empire lays dormant in the minds of the hidden Lords of the Sith, taught as an ideal in our secret schools and preserved in our hidden holocrons. In these periods, the Sith may be driven deep underground, scattered far and wide to form a “Dark Diaspora” of occult Emperors and Ministers without an Empire. They may conduct rituals of coronation, anoint Dark Lords, train for conflict, manage the imperial Ministries and even declare war, without controlling any significant territory of their own. These dormant periods may last for centuries or millennia, but eventually the stars will come right for the Sith to emerge from the shadows and rule once more.

When conditions finally do become favorable—as a result of our machinations, whims of circumstance, or the will of the Dark Tao—it is then that we Sith shall know our finest hour. For it is in such ages of conquest that our hidden power and greatness will erupt from the shadows, to shock and awe the sleepers who lived and died the lie of peace for generations before our coming!

The Hidden Followers of Truth

Historically there was a practice called “crypto-Judaism”, whereby Jews would convert to Christianity or Islam in their public life, while privately maintaining the traditions and beliefs of Judaism. In medieval Europe this was a way for Jews to escape persecutions such as the Spanish Inquisition, and it continued even into modern times in places like the atheist Soviet Union.

Similarly, in Islam there is a practice called “taqiyya”, where Muslims are allowed to conceal their faith and act in a non-Muslim manner to escape persecution or as part of a greater deception. For example, the September 11th hijackers are said to have been practicing taqiyya when they embedded themselves in American society prior to the attacks.

Why are we telling you this? Because in our time it may be necessary and wise for Sith to conceal themselves in a similar way—to become “crypto-Sith” by outwardly conforming to other religions, ways of life and ideologies, while privately maintaining their allegiance to the dark side.

In the Galaxy Far, Far Away, a good example of a crypto-Sith was Palpatine, who concealed his dark side power and rose to Supreme Chancellor of the Republic without anyone suspecting that he was a Sith Lord. In the Star Wars Extended Universe, there is a Sith word Jensaarai, which means “hidden followers of the truth”, and this is a good description of crypto-Sith.

While I believe the times are changing now in the Age of Endarkenment and the wisdom of the dark side is becoming more accepted, there is still widespread light side delusion and persecution of our kind. So if you find it necessary to adopt a light side persona for a while, as part of an infiltration or in order to gain greater power in your society, you should proceed. Just remember, Sith Acoltye, that no matter how deep your deception or how high you may rise in light side society, that you took an oath of allegiance to the Sith Order. This means that the will of the Dark Lords supersedes any mundane authority, and when the time comes you will be expected to act accordingly. Never forget the words of Darth Tenebrous:

“To we who dwell in the Force, normal life is little more than pretense. Our only actions of significance are those we undertake in service to the dark side.”

What actions of significance will you undertake in service to the dark side, Sith pretender?

A Line of Conquerors

To give you a clearer picture of the lineage of Dark Lords we are establishing, imagine if the greatest conquerors, emperors and prophets of this planet’s history, from Pharaoh Narmer to Alexander the Great and Qin Shi Huang to Muhammad, Genghis Khan and Cortés to Napoleon, Hitler and Mao, all belonged to a single line of endarkened beings, each secretly transmitting his knowledge and Force power to the next Dark Lord in the chain. Further imagine that all these Dark Lords shared a similar ideology, religion and vision, preserved across thousands of years, each adding to the knowledge and achievements of the previous one and thus building ever greater empires across space and time. Imagine that every Dark Lord had access to secrets of power, conquest, the Force, sorcery and immortality that the mundanes of the world don’t even suspect exists. Imagine a secret network of Temples in forbidden locations where the Dark Lords’ lore is stored, their Force power accumulated and their knowledge transmitted.

Ours is a secret religion, and we are a Black Priesthood of Power. As long as there are two or more of us to maintain our chain of Force power and our wills unbroken, we shall endure. We shall study, machinate and maintain our lineage until the time is right to begin our campaigns of conquest. Such is the scale of our project, and the greatness we expect of all Dark Lords!

The symbol below is the seal of our Black Temple—the first structure of its kind on this planet, dedicated solely to the Dark Force and the Dark Religion. Let this seal be preserved for the ages and inscribed in great temples and artifacts to come, so that henceforth every Dark Lord may know that he is of our line of conquerors!