The Nine Maxims of the Ninja

{This is an excerpt from Black Ninja Handbook, by the Dark Lords.}

The Nine Maxims of the Ninja are the central guiding principles of the Black Ninja. Study them well and live by them.

  1. Strengthen the body; it is your foundation.

  2. Stay in the shadows and be silent.

  3. Endure all hardships; overcome all adversity.

  4. Control your mind; discipline your desires.

  5. Affiliate with a Clan and obey its rules.

  6. Think outside all boxes.

  7. Be mindful of your surroundings.

  8. Make war by way of deception.

  9. Be like the wind—a formless, invisible force.


The Nine Pillars of Sithism

{ This is an excerpt from Book One of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. }

Sithism is the dark side philosophy and path of power followed by the Sith. In Darkspeech we call it Zith-Zovrâd (Sith Philosophy) or Zithodûn (Sithism). Below are the nine Pillars, or fundamental precepts, of this philosophy.

The Primacy of Power

“What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the Will to Power, power itself in man. What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power increases—that a resistance is overcome.” This belief in the primacy of power (râkâ) is the Diamond Rule of Sithism.

The Tao of Darwin

Darwinian evolution is the central fact of life on this planet. From the simplest microbes to the most complex intelligent life forms, from genes to memes, nations to corporations, everything in nature exists in a perpetual struggle for dominance. This struggle is the source of all progress, all empowerment, all evolution. The Sith therefore embrace Darwinism as a moral imperative.

The Force and the Source

The Sith believe that all life is driven by a vital energy called the Force (Zy), which emanates from a Source (Tozg) that takes many forms. Identifying a Source and cultivating its Force is the key to increasing one’s personal power and attaining Sith mastery.

The Power of the Dark Side

“Man needs what is most evil in him for what is best in him.” To maximize his power, man must learn to embrace his shadow-mind (kâmûd-hûz) and awaken all aspects of his nature. Man’s dark side can be his most potent ally, but only if it is brought under control with Sith discipline.

The Superman

“Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman—a rope over an abyss.” The Sith are in the process of giving birth to a new species of supermen (shârûk-togz) — a conquering race that combines the ferocious spirit of the strongest beasts with the intellect and spirit of the highest men.

Mind Power

Mind power (hûz-râkâ) is the bridge between the metaphysical and the physical; between mind and matter; between the Source and the material world; it is the mental sorcery that takes the energy from the Source, which we call the Force, focuses and directs it to alter reality and achieve one’s goals.


Sith mystics believe that everything imaginable exists in a larger multiverse of mind. Therefore the Sith of the Galaxy Far, Far Away are real, but exist in another universe accessible only through the “third eye” of imagination. The basis of this belief was the inter-universal transmission of knowledge from Darth Omega to our Order’s founder, Darth Imperius.

Galactic Empire

For the Sith, the cosmos is a call to greatness and a place to acquire unlimited power. The primary exoteric goal of the Sith is to drive civilization toward ever-higher levels of organization and power—to establish global, solar and galactic Empires (Kârzathk) under Dark Side rule.


The Dark Side, like the shadows, has no inherent form, but only takes temporary forms depending on the nature of the light that is cast upon it. By staying as fluid and devoid of shape as the Darkness, the Sith Lord can hide in plain sight, gathering formless, invisible power. Sithism is the way of formlessness (chanbrânûk).

Sensing Disturbances in the Force

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. }

The Force can be viewed as a “field of belief” or “collective consciousness” that connects the minds of all living things. Any thought or action creates ripples in this field, which are transmitted through it and can then be sensed and interpreted by Force-sensitives. The more psychically powerful the event, the stronger the ripple, and the greater the distance away in space and time the event can be sensed.

Some individuals are extraordinarily tuned in to this field of Force, allowing them to sense changes on a grand scale in the manner of a prophet or a psychic. For example, the 19th century philosopher Nietzsche had a prophetic sense of the world’s Force trajectory when he predicted great wars and upheavals in the worldviews of Europeans over the next two centuries. In the 1930s, the psychologist Carl Jung noticed the appearance of the Germanic war god Wotan in the dreams of many of his patients, as if they were adumbrations of the coming apocalyptic war for Nordic supremacy. Since the 1950s, Jung, Jacques Vallée and others have diagnosed the “UFO” phenomenon as signifying a shift in the mythic structures of humanity—harbingers of religious and cultural change. A scientific study called the Global Consciousness Project produced evidence that the attacks of 9/11 caused random number generators around the world to exhibit highly improbable fluctuations just before and during the attacks. Many other psychic phenomena suggest that the Force has a causal reality; that events are connected across space and time by a force field not presently understood by orthodox science, and that the key to this extra-sensory perception is the psychic intensity of the events in question. This is an area of keen interest to the Dark Lords which calls for further study and experimentation.

We also speak of “disturbances in the Force” as major disruptions or changes in belief systems, cultures and social orders. When a prophetic personality emerges, a political revolution sweeps across society, a meme propagates rapidly in the media, or a cult explodes across the land, these are indications that a powerful new current of Force is disturbing the existing Force order. Such disturbances may be signs that a metaphysical age or magickal Aeon is changing. In fact, the Dark Lords perceive that such a change is occurring as we speak. We were alerted to this situation by powerful Force disturbances over the past decade, accelerating after the founding of our Order and the building of our Black Temple. As Dark Lords, we ourselves are living disturbances in the Force, who are moving the world toward a new Force regime by our very existence. This is the proper understanding of what it means to be a Dark Lord: a disturbance in the Force in human form, who unsettles and re-orients the Force currents of his time in whatever direction compels him.

Hail to the War Universe

{This is an excerpt from Black Templar Handbook.}

This is an example of a war sermon, to be delivered by Templars to the Black Legions, to motivate them and prepare them spiritually for battle.

In this War Universe―this Shâz-Vrâthûl, ruled by war gods and dark forces―blessed are the war-makers and the victors, for history shall be theirs to rewrite, and right shall be theirs by might. Cursed are the peace-makers and the losers, for they shall be erased from the pages of history and proven wrong thereby.

To we of the endarkened race, all conflict is sacred and all warfare is holy; for in the struggle for life and power, we glorify ourselves, and honor whatever dark gods or forces brought this War Universe into existence.

So to war, Black Sun soldiers, to war! To victory for the Empire!

Hail to war! Hail to warriors! Hail to this War Universe!

Dâzh âm shâzûl! Dâzh âm shâzorz! Dâzh âm châd Shâz-Vrâthûl! Dâzh âm shâzûl! Dâzh âm shâzorz! Dâzh âm châd Shâz-Vrâthûl!…

Continue repeating this mantra while all present circumambulate the Temple Black-Sunwise nine times, goosestepping in unison. Conclude the sermon by striking the gong nine times.


{ The following is an excerpt from our forthcoming book: Sith Academy: Dark Side Philosophy.}

Traditionalism is a school of thought developed primarily by European intellectuals in the 20th century as a reaction to the revolutionizing and disorienting effects of modernity. Traditionalists seek to re-connect to those primal currents of philosophy and spirituality that they believe all great pre-modern civilizations had in common—the “perennial wisdom” of universal, eternal metaphysical truths. The emphasis of Traditionalism is on the restoration of perennial metaphysics to its rightful place as the guiding philosophy for society, rather being discarded as a useless relic of an unenlightened age. Major exponents of Traditionalism include René Guénon, Frithjof Schuon, Julius Evola, Hossein Nasr and Huston Smith.

Baron Julius Evola

The most Sithy of the Traditionalists, and the most interesting to us, is Julius Evola. A profound esotericist and one-time fascist theoretician, Evola celebrates the aristocratic, ascetic warrior-mystic as the epitome of the Traditional man, and harshly criticizes the sort of modern “progressive” man who accumulates material wealth and seeks pleasure while growing ever more degenerate, dependent, effeminate, pacifistic and spiritually empty. Evola points to the Hindu caste system, European feudalism and Imperial Japan as examples of traditionally ordered societies that produce men of strength and nobility. In such societies there is a divine order, in which authority flows from the Source (Brahma, God, etc.) downward to the monarchs, nobles, priests, warriors, workers and merchants in a strict hierarchy. Modernity, in this view, has been a process of undoing or inverting the traditional order, such that now, in place of rule by warrior-kings and priests, we have a regime dominated by merchants and technocrats who have no sense of a divine order, no conception of metaphysics and no vision beyond base materialism and hedonism.

Our project of Sithism, while being in some respects radically post-modern and revolutionary, also incorporates strong elements of Traditionalist thought. For the Empire is very similar to the Traditionalist vision of a sacred imperium: there is a “divine” or metaphysical hierarchy, in which power flows downward from the Source, to the Emperor, the Dark Lords, Apprentices, Acolytes and into the larger society; the authority of the rulers is absolute, being based on Force power rather than legal documents; the method of governance is Magocracy, in which the rulers are magicians who employ symbols, rituals, mental projections and metaphysical constructs to assert their rule more than rationalist abstractions or brute force; the focus is on long-term stability and achievement of great projects rather than solving short-term problems driven by populist sentiment; the doctrines of democracy, materialism and utilitarianism that form the basis of modern states are discarded in favor of magocracy, panpsychism and romanticism.

In our view, such a civilization, which incorporates traditional metaphysics into a postmodern, scientific culture, holds the cure for the “Force starvation crisis” that we wrote about previously in Book 3: Lords of the Force, and which is literally destroying the bodies, minds and souls of the men of this age. Traditionalism is an important philosophical strand in the web we must weave to break the spell of the Light Side orders and prepare minds for the coming of the Empire.

Metaphysics of the Source

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of “Sith Academy: Acolyte Training“. }

The Source

In the Dark Lords’ metaphysical system, the Force flows from the Source—the formless source of faith, passion and power that takes different forms to different beings in different times and places. God, the Devil, the Black Sun, the White Sun, Shiva, Rudra, Ra, Apollo, Jesus, Wotan, Adi-Buddha, Logos, Natural Law, Reason, the Nation—these are examples of forms the Source has taken to various peoples and orders. But the Source is larger than any of these forms; it resembles the concepts of Brahman, the Tao, Shunyata and Ein Sof in Hinduism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Judaism, respectively—the ultimate principle, purpose or intelligence behind the myriad manifestations of existence, which has no inherent form and cannot be described in any language. Thus the Source cannot be known directly; it remains forever in the unseen or unmanifest world. As Lao-Tzu put it in the Tao Te Ching: “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao.” We know the Source only through is manifestations, or Source-forms—the various god-forms and ideals that have been the central sources of inspiration for various peoples down through the ages.

The Force and the Source

With this understanding of the Source, the Force then plays a role similar to prana, chi, ki or ruah in the aforementioned traditions: it is a metaphysical energy that expresses the “will” or “spirit” of the Source as it flows through living beings and moves the world. Not a physical energy, this Force operates primarily on the Will—through the power of belief in Source-forms such as God, Satan or the Empire to animate your will and manifest itself in your life. To be strong in the Force means that you are passionate about your Source-form; you wish to fight for Allah, spread the “Good News” of Jesus, corrupt Christians for Satan, enlighten the world with Reason, or conquer the world for the Sith Empire. In other words, Force power is fanaticism and Force weakness is apathy. The Force is the propagator of fanatical belief in a Source; it is the power of your Source to compel you to act, think and feel in particular ways.

We use the Source Star (Tozg-Brûg) symbol below to represent the Source and Force; the black circle in the center is the Source, and the rays represent the Force emanating from it.

Black Sun and White Sun Forces

In Darth Imperius’s preferred cosmology, the Force is described as an emanation from two metaphysical “Suns”: the Black Sun and the White SunBorzûm and Mâlzûm in Borgâl. These Two Suns are a Source-form; they are the primal duality, the “yin” and “yang” poles, which give rise to the myriad of dualities and varieties that give existence its forms. The White Sun is the God in the Empyrean Heaven who said “Let there be Light” at the genesis of this universe. The Black Sun is the Devil in his infernal Hell who says “Let there be Darkness” and seeks to return the creation of Light to the Void of non-existence from whence it came. This Two-Sun duality of creative and destructive principles gives rise to a flow of Force, just as the duality of the positive and negative terminals of a battery gives rise to a flow of electricity. This Force flow manifests as flows of matter, energy and “dark energy” obeying physical laws in the realm of matter; it also manifests as ideas, thoughtforms and magickal currents obeying metaphysical laws in the realm of mind.

The Black Sun and the White Sun have different metaphysical natures, which are reflected in the effects of the Force that emanates from each of them. Dark Force (Bor-Zy) is associated with death, destruction, fear, conflict and the unknown; Light Force (Mâl-Zy) is associated with life, creation, love, peace and harmony. These two solar Forces battle in endless cycles of creation and destruction in the realms of matter. In the realms of mind and myth, they play out individually and collectively as endless dramas of good versus evil, progress versus regress, hope versus despair, consciousness versus unconsciousness, and so on.

Connecting to a Source

Our understanding of the Force does not specify exactly what the Force is or where it comes from. Its ultimate nature remains a mystery, and there is no roadmap that every being can follow to find a connection to it. We know the Force by its effects on each of our lives, and by the forms it takes in our minds. And we only gain this knowledge by experiencing a personal connection to a Source. Therefore, we advise the Acolyte to experiment with various Sources, such as those described in the next section and others that may appeal to you. The important point to remember is that an aspiring Dark Lord, who seeks overwhelming Force power, must have a Source connection that is equally overwhelming—a source of inspiration that bursts forth like a raging torrent of water or a lightning bolt from the sky. Only such a potent Source of Force can fuel your will as powerfully as the great conquerors, prophets and champions of history. Your first task at this stage of your initiation is to find such a Source; this is the object of the first Challenge of this Echelon (see “Echelon Three Challenges”).

The Dajjal System

{ The following is an excerpt from our book ISIS vs. the Illuminati: The War for a New World Order }

Muslims often refer to the civilization which the Illuminati has been setting up since the 18th century as the Dajjal System. This is the system of democracy, capitalism, liberalism, secularism and finance that has come to dominate the Western world since the American and French Revolutions. Under this system, things which are strictly haram (forbidden) under Islam (and which were previously forbidden by the Christian Church) have become halal (permitted), and things which are halal have become haram. Thus, the Illuminati’s system has created an inverted, ‘Satanic’ civilization.

The Dajjal System can be said to have two gods: money and pleasure. We see these two gods celebrated in the Western media and entertainment industry constantly; “if it feels good do it” and “greed is good” seem to be their two guiding principles. Purchasing the latest smart phone, brand of beer, make of automobile, erectile dysfunction drug, etc. is touted in Western advertising as the height of human existence, while references to religion, God, etc. are all but non-existent. Thus, devout Muslims see a Western civilization which is celebrating the worldly desires of the animalistic lower self (nafs) and denigrating the higher, divine aspects of the self: Qalb (heart) and Ruh (spirit). They see the Dajjal System as a system which enslaves human beings to their material desires, compelling them to work endlessly to earn money, which they will then spend to satisfy their lusts. Furthermore, the New World Order is normalizing values such as homosexuality, abortion, feminism, alcohol and drug use, prostitution, usury, etc. which are strictly haram in Islam. To devout Muslims, these are all sure signs that the Illuminati’s New World Order is a place designed by Shaytan (Satan), which is luring people to spend eternity in Jahannam (Hellfire).

This system is called the ‘Dajjal System’ by Muslims because they believe it is being set up in preparation for the arrival of Al-Masih ad-Dajjal – the False Messiah, Deceiver and Imposter prophesied in the hadiths. The Dajjal plays a similar role in Islam as the Antichrist in Christian theology – he will be a charismatic figure who appears near the end of time and attempts to deceive mankind that he is the Messiah. He will win a large following and establish a Satanic empire that spreads corruption over the earth. At this point of mankind’s greatest tribulations, Muhammad prophesied that Issa (Jesus) will return, slay the Dajjal and usher in the End of Time.

Muhammad also prophesied in the hadiths that there will be many signs of the Dajjal’s arrival. Among the major signs, recorded by Ali, are the following:

  • People will stop offering the prayers

  • Dishonesty will be the way of life

  • Falsehood will become a virtue

  • People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain

  • Usury and bribery will become legitimate

  • There will be acute famine at the time

  • There will be no shame amongst people

  • Many people would worship Satan

  • There would be no respect for elderly people

To devout Muslims, most of these signs have already come to pass in the Illuminati’s Western civilization. The unprecedented levels of materialism, secularism, greed, usury, libertine behavior, deception and open Satanism on display in the West today seem to be confirming their worst fears. And the fact that this inverted civilization has become so powerful, spreading its ‘Dajjalic’ values across the world and into Muslim lands via its mass media, is strong evidence that it is indeed the civilization which heralds the coming of the Dajjal, and which therefore must be fought to the End. As Muhammad is recorded as saying in one hadith:

“The end of time will not come until someone will tell a lie and it will immediately reach the horizons of the Earth.”

The ability to instantly propagate a lie to the whole world has never been available before now, with the advent of global telecommunications and the internet. Is the end of time at hand?


Sithism as a Formless Path

{ The following is an excerpt from our next book in the “Nine Echelons of Sith Mastery” series: Dark Side Philosophy. }

In 1938, the influential Zen teacher D. T. Suzuki wrote the following about his religion:

Zen has no special doctrine or philosophy, no set of concepts or intellectual formulas, except that it tries to release one from the bondage of birth and death, by means of certain intuitive modes of understanding peculiar to itself. It is, therefore, extremely flexible in adapting itself to almost any philosophy and moral doctrine as long as its intuitive teaching is not interfered with. It may be found wedded to anarchism or fascism, communism or democracy, atheism or idealism, or any political or economic dogmatism. It is, however, generally animated with a certain revolutionary spirit, and when things come to a deadlock—as they do when we are overloaded with conventionalism, formalism, and other cognate isms—Zen asserts itself and proves to be a destructive force.D. T. Suzuki, “Zen and Japanese Culture”

If we replace the word “Zen” in the above quote with the word “Sithism”, and say that it “seeks unlimited power and immortality” instead of “tries to release one from the bondage of birth and death”, we are not far from our conception of the Sith Path. While we may prefer certain philosophical and political forms, finding them more congenial to our spirit or susceptible to our influence, a true Sith Lord can work within any ideological milieu and co-opt it for his own ends. For Sithism, like Zen, is a path of intuition and flexibility rather than rigid adherence to dogma. We are only concerned with the inner nature of individuals, with their Dark Side power and perception, and understand that powerful beings can be found at the top of any social system. If a given society requires us to adopt a particular form to become powerful, then that is the form we will adopt. The strength of Sithism is precisely this formlessness—this chanbrânûk. For the Dark Side, like the shadows, has no inherent form, but only takes temporary forms depending on the nature of the light that is cast upon it. By staying as fluid as the Darkness, the Sith Lord can hide in plain sight, gathering formless, invisible power.

Sith Academy: Acolyte Training

Now available: Sith Academy: Acolyte Training

Buy from Amazon
Buy from Amazon

This volume contains the first three books of training for Acolytes of Sith Academy: The Path of Power, Masters of the Will and Lords of the Force.

Book One, The Path of Power, describes the events, revelations and ideas that initiated the Sith current on this planet, and invites others to take the first steps toward a new life in the Dark Side as a Sith Acolyte.

Book Two, Masters of the Will, is a blueprint for becoming the master your own will, body, mind, spirit and destiny, and the master of your own group of Sith Acolytes.

Book Three, Lords of the Force, reveals the nature and source of the Force, the metaphysical laws of its power, and various methodologies for commanding and conquering with it.

There is also a complete reference to the Black Tongue of Borgâl—the language of the Dark Side.

The Dark Lords make this knowledge available as a record of their revelations and work since the initial Omega Transmission in Imperial Year One. They do this to establish the Acolyte Path to the Dark Side for others to follow who will lead the Empire into the future. They also do this so that if they are ever killed and the Order is destroyed, there will remain a document from which others may rebuild the Order and revive the Sith current on this planet.

Study and guard this book well; the knowledge contained herein is potentially more powerful than the ability to destroy planets for those who have faith in the Dark Side.

8.5″ x 11″ paperback, 198 pages.


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