The Sith Lord’s Quest

Sithism, The Force
{This is an excerpt from Sith Academy: Lords of the Force.} The great quest of the Sith Lord is for a Source of unlimited power; that is the Holy Grail of our kind. We delve into every kind of open and occult knowledge and pursue every sort of path, looking for the keys to more Force power. For some, this quest is mystical, leading them to pursue esoteric inner visions, advanced meditations, yogas and the like. For some it is magickal, driving them to study black sorcery, ritualism and demonology. For some it is scientific, drawing them to a deeper understanding of nature and control of the physical universe. For some it is artistic, inspiring them to pursue aesthetic visions and artistic creations. For some it is personal, compelling them to…
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Sensing Disturbances in the Force

The Force
{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. } The Force can be viewed as a “field of belief” or “collective consciousness” that connects the minds of all living things. Any thought or action creates ripples in this field, which are transmitted through it and can then be sensed and interpreted by Force-sensitives. The more psychically powerful the event, the stronger the ripple, and the greater the distance away in space and time the event can be sensed. Some individuals are extraordinarily tuned in to this field of Force, allowing them to sense changes on a grand scale in the manner of a prophet or a psychic. For example, the 19th century philosopher Nietzsche had a prophetic sense of the world's Force trajectory when he…
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