Metaphysics of the Source

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of “Sith Academy: Acolyte Training“. }

The Source

In the Dark Lords’ metaphysical system, the Force flows from the Source—the formless source of faith, passion and power that takes different forms to different beings in different times and places. God, the Devil, the Black Sun, the White Sun, Shiva, Rudra, Ra, Apollo, Jesus, Wotan, Adi-Buddha, Logos, Natural Law, Reason, the Nation—these are examples of forms the Source has taken to various peoples and orders. But the Source is larger than any of these forms; it resembles the concepts of Brahman, the Tao, Shunyata and Ein Sof in Hinduism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Judaism, respectively—the ultimate principle, purpose or intelligence behind the myriad manifestations of existence, which has no inherent form and cannot be described in any language. Thus the Source cannot be known directly; it remains forever in the unseen or unmanifest world. As Lao-Tzu put it in the Tao Te Ching: “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao.” We know the Source only through is manifestations, or Source-forms—the various god-forms and ideals that have been the central sources of inspiration for various peoples down through the ages.

The Force and the Source

With this understanding of the Source, the Force then plays a role similar to prana, chi, ki or ruah in the aforementioned traditions: it is a metaphysical energy that expresses the “will” or “spirit” of the Source as it flows through living beings and moves the world. Not a physical energy, this Force operates primarily on the Will—through the power of belief in Source-forms such as God, Satan or the Empire to animate your will and manifest itself in your life. To be strong in the Force means that you are passionate about your Source-form; you wish to fight for Allah, spread the “Good News” of Jesus, corrupt Christians for Satan, enlighten the world with Reason, or conquer the world for the Sith Empire. In other words, Force power is fanaticism and Force weakness is apathy. The Force is the propagator of fanatical belief in a Source; it is the power of your Source to compel you to act, think and feel in particular ways.

We use the Source Star (Tozg-Brûg) symbol below to represent the Source and Force; the black circle in the center is the Source, and the rays represent the Force emanating from it.

Black Sun and White Sun Forces

In Darth Imperius’s preferred cosmology, the Force is described as an emanation from two metaphysical “Suns”: the Black Sun and the White SunBorzûm and Mâlzûm in Borgâl. These Two Suns are a Source-form; they are the primal duality, the “yin” and “yang” poles, which give rise to the myriad of dualities and varieties that give existence its forms. The White Sun is the God in the Empyrean Heaven who said “Let there be Light” at the genesis of this universe. The Black Sun is the Devil in his infernal Hell who says “Let there be Darkness” and seeks to return the creation of Light to the Void of non-existence from whence it came. This Two-Sun duality of creative and destructive principles gives rise to a flow of Force, just as the duality of the positive and negative terminals of a battery gives rise to a flow of electricity. This Force flow manifests as flows of matter, energy and “dark energy” obeying physical laws in the realm of matter; it also manifests as ideas, thoughtforms and magickal currents obeying metaphysical laws in the realm of mind.

The Black Sun and the White Sun have different metaphysical natures, which are reflected in the effects of the Force that emanates from each of them. Dark Force (Bor-Zy) is associated with death, destruction, fear, conflict and the unknown; Light Force (Mâl-Zy) is associated with life, creation, love, peace and harmony. These two solar Forces battle in endless cycles of creation and destruction in the realms of matter. In the realms of mind and myth, they play out individually and collectively as endless dramas of good versus evil, progress versus regress, hope versus despair, consciousness versus unconsciousness, and so on.

Connecting to a Source

Our understanding of the Force does not specify exactly what the Force is or where it comes from. Its ultimate nature remains a mystery, and there is no roadmap that every being can follow to find a connection to it. We know the Force by its effects on each of our lives, and by the forms it takes in our minds. And we only gain this knowledge by experiencing a personal connection to a Source. Therefore, we advise the Acolyte to experiment with various Sources, such as those described in the next section and others that may appeal to you. The important point to remember is that an aspiring Dark Lord, who seeks overwhelming Force power, must have a Source connection that is equally overwhelming—a source of inspiration that bursts forth like a raging torrent of water or a lightning bolt from the sky. Only such a potent Source of Force can fuel your will as powerfully as the great conquerors, prophets and champions of history. Your first task at this stage of your initiation is to find such a Source; this is the object of the first Challenge of this Echelon (see “Echelon Three Challenges”).