Hail to the War Universe

{This is an excerpt from Black Templar Handbook.}

This is an example of a war sermon, to be delivered by Templars to the Black Legions, to motivate them and prepare them spiritually for battle.

In this War Universe―this Shâz-Vrâthûl, ruled by war gods and dark forces―blessed are the war-makers and the victors, for history shall be theirs to rewrite, and right shall be theirs by might. Cursed are the peace-makers and the losers, for they shall be erased from the pages of history and proven wrong thereby.

To we of the endarkened race, all conflict is sacred and all warfare is holy; for in the struggle for life and power, we glorify ourselves, and honor whatever dark gods or forces brought this War Universe into existence.

So to war, Black Sun soldiers, to war! To victory for the Empire!

Hail to war! Hail to warriors! Hail to this War Universe!

Dâzh âm shâzûl! Dâzh âm shâzorz! Dâzh âm châd Shâz-Vrâthûl! Dâzh âm shâzûl! Dâzh âm shâzorz! Dâzh âm châd Shâz-Vrâthûl!…

Continue repeating this mantra while all present circumambulate the Temple Black-Sunwise nine times, goosestepping in unison. Conclude the sermon by striking the gong nine times.