Sensing Disturbances in the Force

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. }

The Force can be viewed as a “field of belief” or “collective consciousness” that connects the minds of all living things. Any thought or action creates ripples in this field, which are transmitted through it and can then be sensed and interpreted by Force-sensitives. The more psychically powerful the event, the stronger the ripple, and the greater the distance away in space and time the event can be sensed.

Some individuals are extraordinarily tuned in to this field of Force, allowing them to sense changes on a grand scale in the manner of a prophet or a psychic. For example, the 19th century philosopher Nietzsche had a prophetic sense of the world’s Force trajectory when he predicted great wars and upheavals in the worldviews of Europeans over the next two centuries. In the 1930s, the psychologist Carl Jung noticed the appearance of the Germanic war god Wotan in the dreams of many of his patients, as if they were adumbrations of the coming apocalyptic war for Nordic supremacy. Since the 1950s, Jung, Jacques Vallée and others have diagnosed the “UFO” phenomenon as signifying a shift in the mythic structures of humanity—harbingers of religious and cultural change. A scientific study called the Global Consciousness Project produced evidence that the attacks of 9/11 caused random number generators around the world to exhibit highly improbable fluctuations just before and during the attacks. Many other psychic phenomena suggest that the Force has a causal reality; that events are connected across space and time by a force field not presently understood by orthodox science, and that the key to this extra-sensory perception is the psychic intensity of the events in question. This is an area of keen interest to the Dark Lords which calls for further study and experimentation.

We also speak of “disturbances in the Force” as major disruptions or changes in belief systems, cultures and social orders. When a prophetic personality emerges, a political revolution sweeps across society, a meme propagates rapidly in the media, or a cult explodes across the land, these are indications that a powerful new current of Force is disturbing the existing Force order. Such disturbances may be signs that a metaphysical age or magickal Aeon is changing. In fact, the Dark Lords perceive that such a change is occurring as we speak. We were alerted to this situation by powerful Force disturbances over the past decade, accelerating after the founding of our Order and the building of our Black Temple. As Dark Lords, we ourselves are living disturbances in the Force, who are moving the world toward a new Force regime by our very existence. This is the proper understanding of what it means to be a Dark Lord: a disturbance in the Force in human form, who unsettles and re-orients the Force currents of his time in whatever direction compels him.