{This is an excerpt from Book of the Black Sun, by the Dark Lords.}

Black Sunnism entails the metaphysical rejection of the White Sunlit world of matter—a radical notion in this age, but one which it holds in common with many traditional religions and philosophies. Christianity and Islam teach that the true, eternal life is not of this world, which is a place of testing, sin and Satan’s traps; Buddhism teaches that the “three marks of existence” are anicca (impermanence), dukkha (suffering) and anatta (non-self); Hinduism and Buddhism both teach that the goal of life is to become liberated from the cycle of reincarnation (samsara) and reach a state of moksha (enlightenment) which lies beyond material incarnation; Gnostics believe that the material world is an evil realm ruled by the oppressive demiurge, whom the Jews call Yahweh, which can only be escaped from via gnosis, or direct spiritual realization.

In recent centuries it has become fashionable among Western intellectuals to invert this traditional belief and posit that the world of matter and the senses is all there is, and should be celebrated. The doctrines of materialism, empiricism and progressivism have become widespread, owing primarily to their success in producing unprecedented levels of material wealth and power. A civilization has thus been created that takes as its highest aim the analysis, enjoyment and “improvement” of the material world, while dispensing with any religious or mystical doctrines that would hinder that project. The inner, metaphysical life of eternal truths has been radically deprecated in favor of the outer, physical life of fleeting forms and material development. In Plato’s terminology, modern materialist man has become so fascinated by the play of shadows on the cave wall—much of it produced by his own hands—that he has forgotten the ancient wisdom: that there is another, greater, eternal world outside the cave. In our terminology, White Sunnite man has become so enthralled by the illusory White Sunlit World and its technological and sensory distractions, that he has allowed his Third Eye to close and become blind to the Shadow World that yet awaits him in the eternal Void.

Black Sunnism is a call to reject this illusory White Sunlit World and awaken to the Shadow World. When a Black Sunnite raises the banner of the Black Circle and engages in a destructive deed, he is reminding the Third Eye-blind men of this age that this material world is but an illusion, that its forms can be destroyed as easily as they are created, and to turn his gaze instead to the Black Sun that bespeaks the timeless truths of existence in this dark universe.

A Black Sunnite civilization may build great monuments, devise potent weapons and command a mighty industrial machine, but it does so not to glorify or improve this White Sunlit World, but to manifest the Shadow World that lurks behind it. All our constructs and enterprises point back to the Black Sun as our highest Source, serve its dark power and accelerate its apocalyptic agenda.