The Sith Lord’s Quest

{This is an excerpt from Sith Academy: Lords of the Force.}

The great quest of the Sith Lord is for a Source of unlimited power; that is the Holy Grail of our kind. We delve into every kind of open and occult knowledge and pursue every sort of path, looking for the keys to more Force power.

For some, this quest is mystical, leading them to pursue esoteric inner visions, advanced meditations, yogas and the like. For some it is magickal, driving them to study black sorcery, ritualism and demonology. For some it is scientific, drawing them to a deeper understanding of nature and control of the physical universe. For some it is artistic, inspiring them to pursue aesthetic visions and artistic creations. For some it is personal, compelling them to seek out a guru or partner who can empower or ignite a fire within them. For some it is physical, leading them down a path of visceral trials, body-mastery and athletic adventures. For some it is shamanic, taking them on a journey of psychonautic awakening and nature immersion. For some it is religious, calling them to find themselves in the fanaticism and devotion of a religious community. For some it is combative, driving them to seek glory and vital existence in combat with other men.

All of these paths may lead one to a Source and bring a potent accumulation of Force power. The mystic may awaken a transformative inner power; the magician may discover a ritual that unlocks the power of the gods; the scientist may discover a formula for the machinery of the universe; the artist may create a masterpiece that gives birth to a new culture; the seeker may find a guru who explodes her world beyond previous imagining; the athlete may become a champion who is immortalized and lionized; the shaman may become a prophet who brings a new vision to his tribe; the fanatic may become a revered saint, sage or hero of his faith; the warrior may become a conqueror and a founder of a new empire.

Let it therefore never be supposed nor said that there is only one true path to Force mastery, nor one proper type of Force master. The paths to Force power are infinite, and they are beyond all attempts at categorization and reduction to fixed doctrines. You will know that a path is worthwhile when you can sense the Force power of those who walk it. If you find that a particular path is producing people who have the sort of Force you seek, then that is a path worth exploring. But if you find the people of some path, regardless of the titles or accolades they have gained, appear weak in the Force to your Third Eye, then that is a path to avoid.

To find your own true path of Force power, you must be willing to go far off the beaten tracks and into the dark and forbidden wastelands if you feel so drawn, regardless of the scorn or shame that cowardly, Forceless beings may heap upon you. For the quest of the Sith seeker is a lonely and dangerous one, and it is not likely to make you popular. If you follow where your Third Eye takes you, expect to find yourself upon a lonely peak, with only the stars and the Black Sun above you and the plains and the mundanes below you, and yourself, caught like unforged steel upon the anvil of the gods. That is where the great Sith seekers must find themselves, if they are to become true Lords of the Force!