Thriving in an Age of Chaos

{The following is an excerpt from Black Ninja Handbook, by the Dark Lords.}

The Dark Lords foresee that the future is going to be a very challenging place in general, more so than what modern people have come to expect or prepare for. It will be a world of many kinds of strife and struggle: wars of religion and resources, territory and tribe; terrorism, financial collapses, technological disasters, mass migrations, climate catastrophes, ecological holocausts and epidemics. The existing systems which have governed our lives and brought great wealth and stability are breaking down across the board, and soon, the chaos will accelerate. So the world will become a place of much greater danger, demanding a new mindset and a new breed of “blade-hearted” men who thrive in times of crisis.

But in every crisis there is opportunity, and in this new age of crisis, there will be great new opportunities. Those who thrive in such times are men with inner strength, who are not married to their material possessions and conveniences, who have a clan to support them, skills to serve them, courage to bolster them and a vision to inspire them. These are the qualities that the Ninja of old, who survived in an age of strife and struggle beyond what most of us can imagine, had in spades. These are also the qualities that the Black Ninja cultivate, so that they may not only survive in the perilous world to come, but become its lords and masters. For history demonstrates that out of ages of chaos and strife come new orders; the tough peasants and warriors of one age become the mighty warlords and kings of the next, while the soft aristocrats of today find themselves buried beneath the bloody fields of history. And so our kind may soon know their finest hour, if we are resolute in our training, united in our Brotherhood, mindful of our Maxims and ever-perceptive of the invisible flows of the Dark Tao.