Chaos Jihad

{The following is an excerpt from Book of Chaos, by the Dark Lords.}

The Chaote does not make war upon Order for common causes like “liberation”, “justice”, “equality”, “the nation” or “the environment” in the manner of the mundane radicals of this age. He does not fight for territory, tribe, nation, economic system or culture, or against the rulers and power structures of this world. The Chaote’s motivation is ultimately metaphysical, much more akin to the Islamic holy warrior than the secular anarchist or Communist. The Chaote’s war is a Chaos Jihad (Klân-Zâkshâz), and he is a Chaos Jihadist (Klân-Zâkshâzor). He does battle in a spirit similar to the Islamic Assassin, Christian Crusader or Japanese Kamikaze, knowing that his life in this material incarceration is but a brief illusion, which points the way to a greater freedom and destiny beyond this world.

When you engage in Chaos jihad, don’t think of yourself as a mere mundane human warrior, but as an embodied demon from the Chaoverse, charging into battle under the banner of the Chaos Cross, shouting “Nothing is true, everything is permitted!” as you attack the structures of Order, not just on this material plane, but in the greater extra-Cosmic realm of which which our earthly struggles are but echoes. Our wars down here mirror the eternal wars between the gods of Order and Chaos out in the Multiverse. This must never be forgotten!