Emblem of an Occult Empire

{ Below is an excerpt from “Book of the Black Sun” }

The Black Sun is a symbol of the darkest aspects of all that is occultunknown, hidden, mysterious, irrational and supernatural—within ourselves and in the external world. As such, it is a natural unifying symbol for black sorcerers, mystics, warriors and philosophers of all times and places. It encompasses the full spectrum of dark magical, esoteric and cultural currents, from East to West, premodern to postmodern, mystical to scientific. The nihilist intellectual trolling true believers in a coffee shop, the premodern shaman throwing a curse upon an enemy tribesman, the “goth” teenager shocking her community with her black attire, the neo-ninja creeping into forbidden territory in darkness, the mystical fascist participating in a group power ritual, the apocalyptic cult leader leading his followers to a beautiful doom, the terrorist cell plotting death and destruction, the sorcerer summoning dark forces at a secret altar, the writer spinning Lovecraftian weird tales—all share a certain commonality of spirit, characterized by an opposition to the spirit of recent ages: the effeminate moralism of Judeo-Christianity, the empty rationalism of the Enlightenment, the metaphysical delusions of the cult of Progress, the homo-centricity of the humanists, the aesthetic impotence of the utilitarians, the general modern fear of the dark, visceral truths of existence and condition of slavery to mundane governments, laws, ideals, religions and systems of propaganda not created by their kind.

We therefore raise the banner of the Black Sun as a unifying emblem of dark occultism and spirituality for this age—one that supplants the culture-bound forms of previous ages, such as Ahriman, the Devil and the desert demons, which are rooted in Mesopotamian, Judaic and Christian metaphysical milieus that don’t speak to people of other cultural heritages or resonate with postmodern sensibilities. The Black Sun is our universal symbol of Darkness, and the Empire of the Black Sun is our imaginal alliance of beings who feel its power and walk in its Shadow. For Satan, like God, has lost most of his power in a post-Judeo-Christian age, along with most of his following. But the Black Sun only gains in power as the darkness of the new Aeon dawns, and the ranks of Black Sunnites who can perceive it grow.