Break Internet Addiction

{ The following is an exerpt from our book Sith Academy: Masters of the Will }

The internet is the latest mass propaganda and programming medium, potentially even more powerful than television. The internet combines the capacity for mass surveillance and social engineering with an ability to immediately feed any particular mental craving on demand—it is a highly addicting “brain candy” and a potent new opiate for mankind.

Pornography in particular drives much of the internet traffic, and pornography, by its nature, is a destroyer of the Will. For if you simply give someone what they desire—or more accurately, give them a simulation of that thing—their brain is tricked into thinking that the desire has been satisfied, and they will be satiated, but not strengthened. For instead of motivating you to go out and strive in the real world to satisfy your cravings—for sex, power, money, knowledge, adventure, or whatever the case may be— the internet makes you passive and content with a meager, simulated, risk-free, zero-cost existence. This is not the way of the Sith!

Every Sith disciple must liberate himself from the Will-destroying clutches of the internet. Use it sparingly, to gather essential information and conduct vital business, but do not make it the center of your life. Force yourself away from your computers and phones, try “internet fasting” for days at a time, use timers to remind yourself to turn it off, and most importantly, get a life in the real world!

This is easier said than done, in a world where the technology industry wants to invade everywhere, addict everyone and control everything, but here a few simple things you can do to free yourself from its clutches:

  • Make outdoor physical challenges such as hikes, runs, climbs and cold water dousings a regular part of your Sith praxis.
  • Take extended wilderness excursions.
  • Establish a Dag and meet other Sith in outdoor râkâdwânz (power spaces) and temples.
  • Use alternative methods of networking and communication such as couriers, mail, literature exchange, symbolic markers and geocaching.
  • Write in a physical journal and publish Dag handbooks.
  • Develop a Sithy physical craft such as blade-making, mask-making or holocron-building.