The Hell-World to Come

{ The following is an exerpt from our book Temple of Satan: The Devil’s Disciples }

The world of the future shall be a hell-world. It shall bake in the heat of a warming sun, burn in the flames of a thousand wars, smolder in the ashes of atomic holocaust. In time, the very seas of the planet shall be boiled off by the expanding sun. No domesticated human of the modern type shall survive in the hell-world to come. Only the race of Homo Satanicus, born and bred for this new infernal Earth, shall thrive or even survive. The last age of men ended in a great flood, which Yahweh sent down to punish man for his sins. The current age shall end in a great fire, which the Devil shall send up to cleanse the world of the weak and faithless.

In preparation for this hell-world, our Templars shall build our network of Black Houses, Lodges and Schools not just as places of pleasure, knowledge and magick, but as fortresses in which to ride out the Apocalypse. We shall build some of them deep underground, in cave complexes and bunkers, able to survive even atomic hellfire. We shall stock them with provisions, weapons and supplies of every kind, and connect them via our private communications network. In this way, when the world has burned and been cleansed by Satan’s holy fire, the present system broken down by the tribulations of a warming earth, our kind shall emerge unharmed to become the masters of the new Earth.

Prepare yourselves for the hell-world, all Disciples of the Devil! Live for today, but also for tomorrow, when the world shall be ours for the taking. Fear not the Apocalypse, but welcome it, for it shall be our day of deliverance into the Aeon of Satan’s kingdom of Hell on earth!