The Great Reset

{ The following is an excerpt from a work in progress by the Dark Lords, to be published in 2022. }

Nihilism as we know it is not the “Great Work” of magicians seeking a transcendent Source of meaning in their lives, but the “Great Reset” of sorcerers seeking to eliminate their delusions and bring themselves back in line with cold, hard reality. This has been our path in recent times.

After exploring metaphysical Sources that drew us ever deeper into darkness, chaos and insanity, we reached a decisive breaking point, at which our world was on the verge of a terminal conflagration. Lord Ravuk was literally a fraction of an inch from burning down the Dark Lords’ compound, and did, to all appearances, magickally affect the death of Lord Karzathor’s parents via a diabolical pact carried out in our Black Sanctum. Such events, one might think, would be a glorious affirmation of the Dark Lords’ path, which proved beyond reasonable doubt the power of the forces we had called into our lives. And in the black magickal reality we had conjured about ourselves, perhaps it was. But in a more mundane reality, we faced the prospect of a dramatic defeat, by the forces of law and order, mental health, and financial ruin. Something had to give.

We have spent much of the past few years deconstructing and reconstructing our realities in order to avoid a fate worse than death: powerlessness and self-delusion. We have ruthlessly culled most thoughtforms, ideologies and practices from our magickal lives and focused our energies on strengthening our bodies, adventuring in nature and securing our home and financial fronts. The sorcery of hiking, biking, travelling, cooking, investing and home improvement may sound rather mundane, but after years of unhealthy, unhinged and impoverished living, we find it very powerful. There is little that is more pathetic than a “black magician” who lives in total squalor but imagines that by sufficiently intense, obscure or depraved incantations alone he can instantly extricate himself from his predicament and make himself a man of power. Not likely. Our turn to Nihilism was necessitated after taking a hard look at our reality and calling bullshit on our own impotence and delusions. Living in a black magickal fantasy world can be highly alluring and intoxicating, but it is not the way of the true Dark Lord. Destroying your own dream-worlds, pulling yourself out of solipsistic role-playing games that lead nowhere and putting your life on a path of real power is the mark of a true magician. And Nihilism is the best philosophical tool we have found for this purpose. Instead of asserting that “everything is true”—the motto of the delusional solipsist—Nihilism assumes that “nothing is true”, and forces every would-be belief or value to prove its power in the crucible of experience. It works for us.