Sith Sorcery Meditation: Crystal Gazing

{ The following is based on material found in our book Sith Academy: Acolyte Training }

Crystal gazing is a powerful meditation used by Sith sorcerers to strengthen their will and increase their Force power. To do it, acquire a dark crystal such as smoky quartz or obsidian, or a red crystal such as carnelian. Sit in your meditation chamber and gaze into the crystal, held in your outstretched hand or placed on a table. Fix your gaze on the crystal and don’t look away for several minutes. As you gaze, chant a simple power mantra in the Black Tongue such as “Zy âm nâm” (“Force to me”) or “Nâm âsh Zy” (“I am Force”). In time, you should be able to extend this meditation to an hour or more.

The crystal acts as a lens to focus Force power from a Source such as the Black Sun and transmit it into your Third Eye. Feel this dark energy burning away inner weakness, endarkening your mind and honing your Sword of Will. You may have “Force visions” of other times and places or perceive thoughts of other beings. Carry a crystal with you at all times and use this meditation to gather Force power into yourself and direct it at targets or expand your consciousness as needed. Zy âm chod!