Sith Sorcery Meditation: Crystal Gazing

{ The following is based on material found in our book Sith Academy: Acolyte Training } Crystal gazing is a powerful meditation used by Sith sorcerers to strengthen their will and increase their Force power. To do it, acquire a dark crystal such as smoky quartz or obsidian, or a red crystal such as carnelian. […]

The Great Reset

{ The following is an excerpt from a work in progress by the Dark Lords, to be published in 2022. } Nihilism as we know it is not the “Great Work” of magicians seeking a transcendent Source of meaning in their lives, but the “Great Reset” of sorcerers seeking to eliminate their delusions and bring […]

Cosmicist Political Philosophy

{The following is an excerpt from Book of Cthulhu, by the Dark Lords.} Cosmicism, being a philosophy of man’s relationship to the larger Cosmos, is not inherently political, but tends to be associated with thinkers of a conservative or reactionary bent. This is not difficult to understand, since liberalism and leftism are rooted in Enlightenment ideals […]

The Legend of the Black Sun Scroll

{ The following story is an excerpt from Black Ninja Handbook and Book of the Black Sun. } In modern times, many important historical Ninjutsu scrolls have come out of the shadows of private family collections and been made available to scholars or published in book form for the first time. But there is one […]

The Hell-World to Come

{ The following is an exerpt from our book Temple of Satan: The Devil’s Disciples } The world of the future shall be a hell-world. It shall bake in the heat of a warming sun, burn in the flames of a thousand wars, smolder in the ashes of atomic holocaust. In time, the very seas of […]

Shadow Scouts

{ The following was written by Dred Nightstalker, author of Black Ninja Handbook. } Shadow Scouts are a Brotherhood who specialize in scouting operations: reconnoitering enemy forces, infiltrating forbidden areas, exploring, route-finding, crossing borders, stealth travel, tracking and wilderness survival. Their inspirations include the traditional Apache scouts, Japanese ninjas, Rangers of the North and modern […]

Break Internet Addiction

{ The following is an exerpt from our book Sith Academy: Masters of the Will } The internet is the latest mass propaganda and programming medium, potentially even more powerful than television. The internet combines the capacity for mass surveillance and social engineering with an ability to immediately feed any particular mental craving on demand—it […]

Emblem of an Occult Empire

{ Below is an excerpt from “Book of the Black Sun” } The Black Sun is a symbol of the darkest aspects of all that is occult—unknown, hidden, mysterious, irrational and supernatural—within ourselves and in the external world. As such, it is a natural unifying symbol for black sorcerers, mystics, warriors and philosophers of all […]

Chaos Jihad

{The following is an excerpt from Book of Chaos, by the Dark Lords.} The Chaote does not make war upon Order for common causes like “liberation”, “justice”, “equality”, “the nation” or “the environment” in the manner of the mundane radicals of this age. He does not fight for territory, tribe, nation, economic system or culture, or […]

Black Gnosis

{The following is an excerpt from Book of Cthulhu, by the Dark Lords.} The Called are those who have had a revelation—one that shatters their comfortable cosmos and ensures that they can never again look upon the world without a profound sense of apprehension and horror. What revelation is that? The realization that reality is much […]