{This is an excerpt from Book of the Black Sun, by the Dark Lords.} Black Sunnism entails the metaphysical rejection of the White Sunlit world of matter—a radical notion in this age, but one which it holds in common with many traditional religions and philosophies. Christianity and Islam teach that the true, eternal life is […]

One Empire, One Brotherhood

{This is an excerpt from Black Ninja Handbook, by the Dark Lords.} One Empire, One Brotherhood Historically, the Ninja of Iga and Koka Provinces developed a concept they called Ichigun Ichimi—One District, One Band. This became the motto of the loose-knit brotherhood of Ninja clans that existed there, in the historical heartland of the Ninja. […]

Deluxe Hardcover Books Just Released

The Dark Lords have just released deluxe, hardcover editions of all of their current books in print. Most of these books are full-color on premium paper. View and purchase the hardcover editions at the link below: Deluxe Hardcover Editions of Dark Lords books

The Nine Maxims of the Ninja

{This is an excerpt from Black Ninja Handbook, by the Dark Lords.} The Nine Maxims of the Ninja are the central guiding principles of the Black Ninja. Study them well and live by them. Strengthen the body; it is your foundation. Stay in the shadows and be silent. Endure all hardships; overcome all adversity. Control […]

The Nine Pillars of Sithism

{ This is an excerpt from Book One of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. } Sithism is the dark side philosophy and path of power followed by the Sith. In Darkspeech we call it Zith-Zovrâd (Sith Philosophy) or Zithodûn (Sithism). Below are the nine Pillars, or fundamental precepts, of this philosophy. The Primacy of Power “What is […]

Sensing Disturbances in the Force

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. } The Force can be viewed as a “field of belief” or “collective consciousness” that connects the minds of all living things. Any thought or action creates ripples in this field, which are transmitted through it and can then be sensed and […]

Hail to the War Universe

{This is an excerpt from Black Templar Handbook.} This is an example of a war sermon, to be delivered by Templars to the Black Legions, to motivate them and prepare them spiritually for battle. In this War Universe―this Shâz-Vrâthûl, ruled by war gods and dark forces―blessed are the war-makers and the victors, for history shall […]