Black Lodge Initiation

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Black Lodge Initiation

The following is an example of the rites of initiation to be used when an Applicant wishes to join a Black Lodge. Each Lodge may modify these rites to suit their style as long as the basic format is followed. Note that an Applicant is only eligible for initiation if she has been recommended by another Lodge member.

Getting to the Lodge

The Applicant is met by her sponsor in a discreet, private location, such as the sponsor’s home or a park. The Applicant is blindfolded, made to strip off her clothes and given some replacement clothing. The Applicant’s clothing, purse, wallet, phone and other possessions are put in a bag and left at the home or some other secure location far from the Lodge. The Applicant is then blindfolded and driven in the sponsor’s car to the Lodge by a circuitous route. At the Lodge, the Applicant is led into an inner room where the Lodge Master or Priest awaits her, and the blindfold is removed.

Interview by the Lodge Master

The Lodge Master (or Priest/Priestess) welcomes her and explains that though she comes highly recommended by her sponsor, he will need to interview her to determine if she is truly worthy of advancement on the path of the Satanic Templars. She is then asked probing questions about her beliefs, motivations, personal life and Satanic accomplishments to determine if she is a Devil worshipper worthy of joining the Lodge. The Lodge Master should use the Evil Eye or hypnosis to gaze into the Applicant’s soul and determine if she is telling the truth.

If the Master is satisfied that she is Lodge-worthy, she is given a mask of the type worn by Lodge members and told to put it on. The Master explains that Lodge members conceal their identities from other members this way, and must wear their masks to all Lodge meetings. The Master further explains that the Applicant will need to choose a suitable Satanic name which she shall be known by in the Lodge. After choosing a name, the Applicant is escorted to another room by a masked Lodge member and told to undress and put on the robe provided. Then she is put in manacles and led to the door of the Lodge temple chamber.

Temple Initiation

The Applicant’s escort knocks on the temple door.

“Who seeks entry?” asks the Master.

“One who craves the boons of Lord Satan and the glories of His Temple.” answers the escort.

“Enter, Applicant, of your own free will and submit to the Devil’s dominion.”

The doors open and the Applicant enters the temple. The entire Lodge congregation is present, facing her in two columns leading back to the raised altar. Behind the altar on a pedestal stands a robed mannikin with a horned goat’s head and a trident in its hand. Two lit braziers are mounted upon pillars on either side of the figure. The Lodge Master, standing behind the altar dressed in a black satin robe, beckons her to come and kneel before him. The Applicant shuffles in her manacles toward the altar and kneels as commanded.

“Slave, do you desire to free yourself and be admitted as an Acolyte of our Black Lodge?” “Yes”, she replies.

“Are you prepared to serve Lord Satan with your entire mind, body and soul?” asks the Master. “Yes.”

“Do you accept the authority of the Temple of Satan, as stipulated in our Nine Canon Laws?” “Yes.”

“Do you agree to live by the Nine Maxims of our Diabolical Way?” “Yes.”

“To prove that you have purged yourself of false teachings, you will now tear up this Bible and this Quran.” The Master motions to the two books on the altar. “As you do so, you will chant: ‘I deny Jesus Christ, Moses, Muhammad and all the Jehovan deceivers. I deny Jesus Christ, Moses, Muhammad and all the Jehovan deceivers.’”

The Applicant does as instructed. Then the Master commands her to hold up her left hand, in which he places a trident. He tells her to hold it over her head and repeat the following words after him.

“By the symbol of our Lord’s authority… I swear to give my full allegiance to the Devil… And to serve Him mind, body and soul… I vow to bring forth children if the Devil wills it… And raise them as members of our Satanic race… I swear to breed the Antichrist if I am chosen… And to serve Him when He comes… I vow to worship Lord Satan and no other… To reject all man-made religions… To undermine the false faiths of others…and to bring them to the true faith… I vow to obey the Nine Laws of the Temple… And to live by the Nine Maxims of the Diabolical Way… I vow that I will never reveal the secrets of the Temple… Or disclose the locations of its Lodges… Or the identities of its members… Or any of its activities… I understand that should I break this oath… I will be damned to failure, impotence and pain… in this life and in a hundred incarnations to come.”

The Master commands the Applicant to lie down upon the altar, still with her shackles on. Then he addresses the congregation.

“Brothers and Sisters of the Temple of Satan: this slave has proven herself worthy of admittance to our Order as an Acolyte. I now free her from her bonds of ignorance and impotence and welcome her to our Order.”

The Master unlocks the manacles from the Applicants hands and feet and removes her robe. Then he commands her to stand up and face the congregation. He explains that it is the Temple’s custom for each member to welcome each Acolyte with a lusty kiss and embrace. Then the Master, followed by each member of the congregation, approaches her, kisses her on the lips and gives her a lusty embrace, groping and rubbing against her if they so desire.

The initiation complete, the Lodge Master invites the new Acolyte to join the congregation in a celebration to seal their bonds of Satanic brotherhood, and to welcome her into their Order in a way that is most pleasing their Lord. Then drums and drink are brought forth and an orgy of lust is begun that continues into the night under the evil gaze of the goat-headed one who towers over the inner sanctum of the Black Lodge.