Black Temple Stone Program

The Dark Lords laying a Black Temple foundation stone

Black Temple Foundation Stone Program

The Black Temple Stone Program is a program to expand the Black Temple floor, one concrete stone at a time. All members of the Black Brotherhood or the public may purchase a  stone slab for the floor of the Black Temple. Donations will support the Temple’s expansion  and empower the sponsor with the Vril of the Dark Lords.

Personal power artifacts of your choice (e.g. a handwritten letter, jewelry, amulets, small weapons) will be placed below the stone by the Dark Lords. A black obsidian ‘Vrilstone’ from the Omega Pit will be included.  Each stone costs $30, weighs 90 lbs and measures 24″ by 24″. Time to set up your stone slab, from paying for it to actually laying in the Temple foundation will take approximately 7-10 days to process.

Stones are available on a first come, first serve basis.There are only a limited number of spaces for these stones. Immortalize yourself on the Black Temple grounds if you dare!

Payments may be sent by Paypal to sithacademy66@gmail using the button below. Power artifacts may be mailed to:

The Dark Lords
P.O. Box 12051
Seattle, WA 98102

Note: All contributors to our stone program will receive a hard receipt for their donation, e.g. Video recording of their personal artifacts being placed under their stone (s) on the Temple grounds and a Paypal electronic receipt.

Rak Am Chod!

Click the button below to purchase a Black Temple stone: