The Devil-Worshippers

The Devil-Worshippers

Tales of Diabolism & Black Magic

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About the Book

“The Devil-Worshippers” is a full-color paperback anthology of classic tales and essays about mankind’s primal religion: Devil-worship! This is the second book in the Dark Lords’ “Library of the Occult” series of occult fiction, non-fiction and unholy books.

This anthology includes tales from literary greats Algernon Blackwood, Robert E. Howard and Seabury Quinn, and essays by occult giants Éliphas Lévi, Aleister Crowley and A. E. Waite, including:

  • Devout monks succumb to Devil-worship at a German monastery.
  • A fisherman finds witchcraft and devilry at a Scottish loch.
  • An ancient pact comes due for a diabolist in dramatic fashion.
  • Disturbing scenes from a 19th century Parisian Black Mass.
  • Thrill-seeking students fall in with an orgiastic Devil-cult.
  • Two sorcerers consult a Satanic witch in medieval Europe.
  • The reality of Diabolism explained by three Occult scholars.

Evil reading and darkest dreams…

~The Dark Lords~

Series: The Dark Lords Library of the Occult, Book 2
ASIN: 1643700928
ISBN: 9781643700922
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About the Author
The Dark Lords

The Dark Lords are the founders of numerous cults and schools for the propagation of black magickal, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge and power. In their many books, they explore the implications of a multiverse dominated by Darkness, Chaos and Evil—for individual seekers, cults of the Dark Side and entire civilizations. Promoting metaphysical currents such as Sithism, Black Sunnism, Diabolism, Chaoism and Dark Taoism, they are bringing all Dark Side sects on this planet under the shadow of their Black Magocracy. In this Age of Endarkenment, let the Dark Lords be your guides—beneath the Black Sun, beyond the Ninth Gate and into the depths of your own Shadow-mind. As they say in their Black Tongue: Thûl âsh urnûk (the world is ours)!

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