Shadow Scouts

{ The following was written by Dred Nightstalker, author of Black Ninja Handbook. } Shadow Scouts are a Brotherhood who specialize in scouting operations: reconnoitering enemy forces, infiltrating forbidden areas, exploring, route-finding, crossing borders, stealth travel, tracking and wilderness survival. Their inspirations include the traditional Apache scouts, Japanese ninjas, Rangers of the North and modern […]

Thriving in an Age of Chaos

{The following is an excerpt from┬áBlack Ninja Handbook, by the Dark Lords.} The Dark Lords foresee that the future is going to be a very challenging place in general, more so than what modern people have come to expect or prepare for. It will be a world of many kinds of strife and struggle: wars […]

The Nine Maxims of the Ninja

{This is an excerpt from Black Ninja Handbook, by the Dark Lords.} The Nine Maxims of the Ninja are the central guiding principles of the Black Ninja. Study them well and live by them. Strengthen the body; it is your foundation. Stay in the shadows and be silent. Endure all hardships; overcome all adversity. Control […]