Memento Mori

{ Below are excerpts from Sith Academy: Dark Side Philosophy and Book of the Black Sun} Memento Mori The Dark Side disciple should keep certain symbols at hand—black suns, skulls, black robes, etc.—as reminders that he will die. Indeed, these symbols are a reminder that everything in existence—ourselves, our friends and families, our tribes, our […]


{This is an excerpt from Book of the Black Sun, by the Dark Lords.} Black Sunnism entails the metaphysical rejection of the White Sunlit world of matter—a radical notion in this age, but one which it holds in common with many traditional religions and philosophies. Christianity and Islam teach that the true, eternal life is […]


{ The following is an excerpt from our forthcoming book: Sith Academy: Dark Side Philosophy.} Traditionalism is a school of thought developed primarily by European intellectuals in the 20th century as a reaction to the revolutionizing and disorienting effects of modernity. Traditionalists seek to re-connect to those primal currents of philosophy and spirituality that they believe […]

Metaphysics of the Source

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of “Sith Academy: Acolyte Training“. } The Source In the Dark Lords’ metaphysical system, the Force flows from the Source—the formless source of faith, passion and power that takes different forms to different beings in different times and places. God, the Devil, the Black Sun, the White […]