Sith Sorcery Meditation: Crystal Gazing

{ The following is based on material found in our book Sith Academy: Acolyte Training } Crystal gazing is a powerful meditation used by Sith sorcerers to strengthen their will and increase their Force power. To do it, acquire a dark crystal such as smoky quartz or obsidian, or a red crystal such as carnelian. […]

The Sith Lord’s Quest

{This is an excerpt from Sith Academy: Lords of the Force.} The great quest of the Sith Lord is for a Source of unlimited power; that is the Holy Grail of our kind. We delve into every kind of open and occult knowledge and pursue every sort of path, looking for the keys to more Force […]

Sensing Disturbances in the Force

{ This is an excerpt from Book Three of Sith Academy: Acolyte Training. } The Force can be viewed as a “field of belief” or “collective consciousness” that connects the minds of all living things. Any thought or action creates ripples in this field, which are transmitted through it and can then be sensed and […]